Whether you have a new idea, or you’re expanding a project, Iridium can offer helpful guidance. Let us choose the best products and techniques for you, and give you a second opinion on those you already have.

Web development

Web Development

Everything from a small webpage to a full-fledged web app. We have extensive experience with web development, scalable hosting platforms, and responsive web design.

Native apps

Native App Development

Native apps are our bread and butter at Iridium. We’re well versed in the process of developing native mobile apps and delivering them to app stores.

iOS & Android

Our team has years of experience with both iOS and Android development and design. We can give guidance when choosing the platform that best fits your app and follow through with development.

Digital strategy

Digital Strategy

Iridium’s social strategy experts will work with you to determine the relevant platforms and advertising channels that are best for your business. We’ll even build out a scheduled plan for your social strategy.

Plan + Execute

With your social strategy planned out, Iridium can even execute the plan for you.

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